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A jigsaw, table saw, or a very sharp utility knife to make the cuts The build With the design of the Saberstrip in mind, I wanted to find a solution that would allow me to access the controls of my speedlight without having to remove it from the tube. I was also concerned about mounting the entire weight of the unit by the end cap. Since the tubes are 60 in. You could certainly cut it down to 48 in. Then from this cutout I measured 6 in. I then measured 2 in. If you want to narrow the spread of light from your strip, you can make this opening thinner. Then I cut between my two markings.

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Robert Bixby served as master of ceremonies for the Oscars-like Edelman Awards gala. How about 2, laser printers and more than 20, enterprise servers and storage products. HP offers more than eight million configure- to-order combinations in its notebook and desktop product line alone. The something-for-everyone approach drives sales, but at what cost?

Opening for the Hook Up are the D.C.-based musical power couple Janel & Anthony, a cellist and guitarist who both use heavy doses of looping and & Anthony move far beyond any conception you might have had about what an improvising duo is capable of.

Analyze Your Data View historical data to compare trends over time and analyze specific points of data including sensors and relays. Interactive Modules Quickly see more detailed information with our animated expandable tile modules. Outdoor temperature updated every minute, with expandable module to quickly view weather trends over the day, week, month and year. Check wind speed and direction in real time plus 2 minute and 10 minute averages at a glance.

Monitor rainfall by the hour, day, week, month and year. Add up to 10 sensors to monitor your home with custom alert settings for total control. Evaluate trends easily by switching between day, week, month, and year views.

Julian Edelman Was Mic’d Up When He Reeled In His Miraculous Super Bowl Catch

Follow the bouncing Edelman In a federal complaint filed against the D. A spokesman for Edelman says he “never heard from Ms. Cothorne about these specific cheating allegations.

Unbeknownst to Edelman, Chefitz was taking Edelman’s car while it was parked at the temple, and going for “joyrides,” having obtained the key to Edelman’s car when he liberated it from its hook in Edelman’s mud room.

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. Published on October 26, Now the two companies — one traditionally analog and one decidedly digital — are joining forces to promote both Adobe’ Photoshop and a new game from Wizards of the Coast. When an idea is right, you expect the response you’re going to get is going to be enthusiastic. Dungeon of the Mad Mage ,” which takes players into the confusing domain of the insane wizard Halaster, known for his eclectic collection of killer monsters.

Entrants will need to create their own original monster, using any version of Photoshop, to serve as the final, most frightening guardian of the dungeon. Now everybody’s into gaming. Our gut’s been telling us this is going to be the biggest social contest we’ve ever done. Runners-up will have their designs featured on the brands’ social channels. They’ll also draw the attention of designers at both companies. Rather than the typical weeklong trial, it will stay active for a month.

America’s Broken Hearts

Allscripts expects to close the acquisition in the second quarter of calendar , subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including the expiration or termination of the waiting period under U. HealthGrid is a leading mobile, enterprise patient engagement solution that has helped independent providers, hospitals and health systems to dramatically improve patient interactions and satisfaction. This expected advancement of the FollowMyHealth platform further drives Allscripts strategy to offer the most comprehensive patient engagement solutions and enable providers to stay connected with their patients in pre-care, point-of-care and post-care settings, helping care teams to collaborate with patients in real time across the continuum.

They were just really trying to hook up with them by posting stuff on SM. Like Jessica Graff putting his superbowl ring between her fake boobs and posting it. Just trying to make people think they hooked up. then AnnaLynne McCord tagging him in a post and she isn’t even a Pats fan lol.

By Vijay Mehrotra Share: Many years ago, I was less than thrilled when my new girlfriend now wife insisted that we attend her friends’ Oscar Party. I hadn’t seen a lot of movies, and I didn’t know much about the nominees. Also, I’d never been much into TV award shows, which seemed to be too full of too many people trying too hard to impress one another with expensive designer clothes and endless tear-filled acceptance speeches.

And getting dressed up seemed like a big hassle. And ever since then the Oscar Party is an annual highlight, with a permanent place on our social calendar. E-mails are exchanged, menu preparations are detailed, and we’ve hosted the event on occasion. This year, I even captured first place in the pool picking “Crash” for Best Picture put me over the top! Over time, I’ve also developed a much better appreciation of what it takes toan Oscar partly because several of our San Francisco State graduates have captured little gold statues.

Years ago, when my friend Warren Lieberman first told me about the Edelman Award, I really didn’t give it much thought. As I read more Edelman finalists’ papers in Interfaces and learned more about the competition, however, I have become quite impressed about the sustained hard work that goes into these projects and the importance of this prize as well as the Wagner Prize for Excellence in O.

Practice to our profession. Many of us are perpetually poking and prodding INFORMS and its members, complaining about how we have strayed so far from our roots as an applied profession. Yet the Edelman competition provides a window into the variety and volume of great work that is going on out there.

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Edelman Beta will be open to anyone aged 16 and over and wants to be open to school leavers, return-to-workers, those changing careers, and those from creative rather than only to those in academic backgrounds. The hunt takes respondents through a series of challenges across multiple social media platforms and apps, as well as popular websites to find a code that allows them to apply and be considered for the scheme.

The entire journey for applicants was created and produced in-house. On assessment day, candidates will take part in an immersive workshop and skills-based tasks, testing their courage to do the right thing and pursuit of excellence.

Freddie Edelman is a practicing Podiatric Medicine doctor in Oswego, NY. Overview. Dr. Edelman graduated from the Ny Coll Podiatric Med. Dr. Edelman works in Oswego, NY and 6 other locations and specializes in Podiatric Medicine.

Agricultural fields provide ideal habitat for them, as long as their nests are not accidentally tilled. To help farmers avoid inadvertently plowing over plover nests, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies coordinates a nest-marking program. The Bird Conservancy works with farmers in western Nebraska to locate and mark Mountain Plover nests on their property. Plover breeding range in Nebraska includes Kimball, Banner and Cheyenne counties.

Adult plovers are outfitted with GPS tags and followed during the breeding season. Photo by Colin Woolley This is just the first step. We will continue our partnership with the University of Colorado to coordinate a region-wide effort to understand landscape level movement, migration and habitat use of Mountain Plovers breeding in western Nebraska. Partners The Bird Conservancy thanks its partners and funders for their help with Mountain Plover conservation in Nebraska: See Plovers and Learn More!

Tours are held in western Nebraska in the spring.

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My passion for music and especially the Bernard Lovell Soldiers of Music: My mother was one of the early women in the insurance business and therefore had a great deal to do with Wall Street. My father was a general practitioner serving in that role, although he was trained as a surgeon, and he insisted on working in a rather poor neighborhood. He was very dedicated, because he was one of the earliest cases of polio in Philadelphia where he was born — had a great sympathy for disability.

Dr Eric and Freddie Edelman do not practice with a high standard of ethics. I took my elderly mother to an appointment and was disgusted. I’m a surgeron practing in Syracuse and I’ve heard “the talk” about the Edelman’s poor practice but my mother insisted/5(7).

We are excited to announce that for the first time in Madden history, we can now support Playbooks via Title Updates. This has been a long-time goal of the Madden Dev Team. These Playbook changes are the first of many we hope to do as we move into the future. There are still other ways to get the second runoff penalty called, such as after a False Start when the necessary rules conditions are met. When breaking down some of the exploit setups being used with the Odd and other similar formations, we found that this problem was caused by a contain rusher either rushing the B-gap or rushing the same gap as the adjacent pass rusher.

Since the design intent of the QB Contain assignment is to counter QBs scrambling outside the pocket while NOT being a pass rusher, we have made some adjustments to support that intent. We have made tuning changes to force them to rush wider, as well as continue to play contain in cases where they cannot be blocked by the offensive line which means they will not rush the QB after a few steps if they are not blocked, but will continue to break on scrambling QBs when in the contain assignment.

If you want that player to rush the QB for the entirety of the play, he needs to be assigned a pass rush assignment via either play call or a hot route. When playing as a Duo, you must select the Offensive and Defensive Captain roles. The responsibilities that were previously owned by the Head Coach will now be controlled by the Defensive Captain Addressed an issue allowing defensive teammates in Squads to interact with the Defensive Captain’s pre-play adjustments menu Additional online stability improvements.

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