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Central Texas The jet diver has a sliding weight inside the tube which tilts the front fins downwards. The fins cause the device to dive, as they dig into the water. The greater the weight of your lure, or the more “drag” it creates by water resistance, the more the angle of the fins will be compromised, causing the diver to run shallow, or rise to the surface. I suspect you will not get your maximum depth with a Rattletrap. These things don’t run as deep as claimed, anyway. I had best results with the Pet spoons.

: instructions for using luhr jensen jet diver

First of all, a diver is a mechanism that attains depth by water pressure forcing it down. You can fish divers to feet plus and it’s often been referred to as the ‘poor man’s downrigger’. The modern day divers, like the Slide Diver and the Dipsy Diver, will also dive out and away from the boat, depending on how much line you let out. This happens because of their saucer shape along with a adjustable lead keel in most cases.

Fish Seeker Divers Hard Bait Divers The lunker is all yours this time! The Fish Seeker Diver Hard Bait Divers is an unparalleled lure which will aid you to ameliorate your strike rates whether you’re a beginner or practiced fisherman.

I also like the smooth and steady presentation of eggs tracking along behind a diver. Another cool thing about fishing this way is the bite. Divers Well, first I guess we better take a look at the major component of this whole deal: There are a couple ways you can go, here: On my home waters, the size No. On rivers like the Kenai and Columbia, the size No. Though Luhr Jensen manufacturers Jet Divers in a wide array of exciting colors, I prefer the boring, plain-jane clear ones most of the time pink crystal is Plan B if I can find the transparent ones.

I just think that the less junk the fish see, the better off you are. I do have friends, however, who swear that they get more bites when using metallic blue divers. There are a couple things you can do however, to make them even run better. The biggest problem that I encounter is a crack in one of the wings. When you find you have a cracked wing, toss the entire unit it in the garbage.

After everything dries out, hit the drill hole with epoxy and cover the crack with crazy glue. Help support this website:


Stackers sliders and other extra lures Adding a few extra baits to your spread will always result in a few more in the box. One of the easiest and most effective is to rig a slider. Tie your normal swivel on one end of a leader 4′ up to a rod length long, than add a slightly larger swivel to the other end. The larger size makes it easier to work with and holds up better when it works against the bottom bait while fighting a fish.

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Trolling speed for many fish needs to be within certain parameters. If you have a inboard or large outboard motor that is incapable of slowing down to a “fishable” speed, there alternatives that can be utilized IF you do not use a smaller trolling motor. There are a couple of brands of spring loaded trolling plates that attach to the cavitation plate of larger motors what place a large restriction right behind the prop. These can be lifted when underway with no restriction at that time.

It is recommended to NOT use a 5 gallon bucket on a line as “slow you down trolling bucket”. If the skipper is not attentive, the weather gets bad or things just happen, the line can get wrapped around the prop and the boat could be in DEEP DO DO. This is not good if the boat happens to be in a situation where things get hairy in a hurry. Its amazing how fast things can go real bad real fast, and especially when there are a few mistakes being made along the way.

Jet Divers: a simple modification

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This write up provided by: Neal Alders, chief pilot, Skydive Space Center, Titusville, Florida. Neal has about 10, hours total time, and holds an Airline Transport Pilot, Multi-Engine land, with a type rating in the DeHavilland Dash 8 and has flown hours in skydiving operations.

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The Basics Of Worm Harness Fishing

Neal has about 10, hours total time, and holds an Airline Transport Pilot, Multi-Engine land, with a type rating in the DeHavilland Dash 8 and has flown hours in skydiving operations. The Beechcraft King Air series started out life as the piston powered Queen Air, with roots back to the famous, and still in commercial use, Beech The prototype King Air BE was test flown in May of and various models are still in production.

The Luhr-Jensen Jet Diver is a diving planer that fishermen use to retrieve lures at a specific depth while trolling. Jet divers work in rivers as well as lakes, and are useful for pursuing fish like steelhead, lake trout and walleye, which often school around submerged structure in water of various depths.

Well, time for a reality check. Most open-water-trolling techniques – planer boards, divers, downriggers, etc. Some trolling devices were actually designed for fishing rivers – a wrinkle few walleye fishermen have adopted. Some may wonder why anyone would bother using a diver. The answer is simple: The advanced answer is that some divers also run your baits out to the side, float at rest, trip their triggers on demand to rise toward the surface, and perform a few other fancy and unexpected maneuvers.

In essence, they don’t just dive; they thrive in the wide-open spaces of offshore walleye-trolling adventures. Of the various diver styles on the market, two versions of primary importance are directional divers like the Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver and floater divers like the Luhr Jensen Jet Diver. Let’s examine their respective advantages. Dipsy dos and don’ts Dipsy Divers tie onto your main line and connect to your lure via a leader of one rod length or less.

Snap on Dipsey Divers

The Perfect Plug September 24, For chinook anglers, the time-tested banana-style lure has proved its worth over and over again. That’s why virtually every salmon angler’s tackle box contains Kwikfish and Flatfish. By Doug Rose If a dedicated spring chinook angler had the time to drive on U.

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The basic set up for Anchor Fishing: Luhr-Jensen® TECH TIPS

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