Naruto sat in his office, behind his large Hokage desk. He was calmly sorting through his paperwork for the day when Yamanaka Ino walked into his room. What are you doing?! He had only been Hokage for a few weeks now. He was still breaking in his job. And all the other things that came along with it, he thought. While he was greeting Ino calmly, the girl herself was very unaccustomed to the sight before her.

Dragoon Of Darkness The truth has came out about Naruto’s past and about his clan, how will Konoha react to the truth? How will they react to all the lies that was told to them over the years? How will Naruto change once he told the world what really happened all these years ago? Will Naruto still be the loyal shinobi or will he turn against the village once and for all?

Naruto knew that others would die happily to be smothered in naked, eager women. But that wasn’t the point. Even if he had to stay with just Hinata and Sakura, he wouldn’t complain. He was pleased to collect Tsume, and he would be happy to tame this entire clan until they all passed out. But that wasn’t the point.

MetallicMilitia Ok so This is a NaruHanaTsumRin fanfiction Naruto is 19 same as sasuke also he never got to leave or does he Madara defeated,Konoha bashing read to find out how M for lemons starting in chapter 2 and lang. Again own nothing but the plot; nor do I want to own anything, too much troublesome work Basic Summary: Everyone is about 16 Naruto and Sasuke are 19 Hana is Naruto prevented Sasuke from leaving, Naruto single handedly stopped pain, Madara Spelling?

Sakura never hated Naruto but died in the fight with Madara. After fighting the Uchiha the genjutsu he had on the Akatsuki disappeared. From there they pledged their allegiance to Naruto. The sun was just barely peeking its rays over the horizon, when a lone beeping sound could be heard. Naruto woke up like every morning.

He sat on his bed with his alarm still going off, he yawned and stretched.

Some like normal, plain old, lovemaking Others are more adventurous, preferring sex in public places, or a variety of different positions. A small contingent of women even enjoy bondage, placing themselves totally in another’s hands. And then there are the Inuzuka women. Historically, and instinctively, they sought rough, hard, long-lasting sex. It was just a part of them.

Naruto continued flicking his tongue over that spot again and again until Tsume came, her liquid spraying Naruto’s face. Despite all this he continued lapping up as Tsume stroke and sucked his tool. She then loosened her throat so she could deep throat him.

I do try to keep Naruto vaguely kind of in character, in the sense that he has always shown that he has a serious side, an insecure side, and a side where he’s trying to put up a cool front. And he has always been desperate for affection and afraid of losing the bonds that he’s aqquired. I apply these traits towards sex and with that said I think I’m within reason. That said, the porn takes priority. This isn’t character driven, it’s porn driven.

How he got this way may not be totally clear to you until later chapters. This story is pretty hardcore and filthy. This story contains adultery and character bashing. I bash on Sasuke and a bit on Sai. In fact any guy that isn’t Naruto is fair game for character bashing, because it plays into the fetish sometimes. He remembered the days of sitting alone on the swing set, staring ahead at the children’s glowing smiles. Any other day, there would be a fight over the one swing in the academy yard.

So that when young Naruto found that all the children were preoccupied with some academy event, Naruto rushed over and took the empty swing. While growing up, this was his consolation prize.

KyuubiGoku Naruto wants to be a shinobi. Kyuubi gives Naruto a new dojutsu. Watch Naruto master his new dojutsu as he shows everyone who has the ultimate bloodline. Hey KyuubiGoku out with a new story for everyone. I hope the people enjoy this Naruto x Tsume fic.

”KUSO!” Naruto swore and took off as he saw Kiba running over the fields armed with kunai with the attempt to kill. 0. Later that night at the Inuzuka clan house. 0. Hana and Tsume were eating dinner as Kiba walked in **. ”Hey pup why so pissed?” Tsume asked little worried. “Myy horny bitch of .

Dragoon Of Darkness Naruto falls for someone that no one would see coming, now he will do anything he has to keep what he has. He won’t let anyone take away his new found happiness. He will fight anyone and everyone just to be with the people he cares about no matter what the cost maybe, he’s willing to pay the cost no matter what. It was late in the Morning and the whole time he couldn’t focus on anything but her smiling face. The fourteen year-old could remember like it was yesterday.

His team was given a mission to Hidden Fang to destroy a bandit camp and she was assigned to track it. He memorized every single detail of her. Her long dark chocolate hair done in a ponytail, not to mention the two long banes that fell down the bottom of her cheeks.

Dragon Naruto needs to make more money and goes to Tsunade for more missions. Tsunade realizes that she does have a special kind of mission for him and he takes them up but doesn’t know what kind of “Work” she’s gonna have him do. Mature readers only please. Naruto basically has sex with lots of gorgeous woman from all over the Naruto World.

Naruto and Tsume walk out of the ramen place which Naruto moves his arm around her waist again. “Where to go now Tsume-hime?” Tsume looks then comes up with an idea to .

Tonlor Naruto and Tsume run into each other and end up sparring and having some fun after that. Naruto sat meditating in the hidden leaf village he practiced getting in and out of his Sage mode faster so he could activate it in a pinch; Gamakichi sat watching him as a guard. His ears quirked hearing rustling; he jumped up just as a figure flew into view. She had shaggy brown hair and red markings on her face; Naruto paused he knew who this was, Tsume Kiba’s mother.

Tsume growled lightly lowering herself as she did. What if I offer you a reward if you beat me… soundly,” Tsume said growing in confidence of herself. Come at me,” Naruto said giving Gamakichi a nod; a moment later he was gone in a burst of smoke and Tsume charged in. Two of them moved in to attack; Tsume easily dispatched them. Naruto moved towards her a kunai at the ready. Tsume dropped down and charged at him; her claws narrowly missed Naruto again and again he dodged her attacks.

Naruto did the same; their stars collided in the air and fell to the ground.

Naruto is 17 in this fic Naruto’s Mindscape “Okay Kyuubi. Why am I in my mind and why do you want to talk to me? However, I must warn you it comes with a catch of sorts,” said Kyuubi, as he wondered why he was even teaching this kid this power, and if he was wrong to do it. So what’s the power and the catch? An energy like chakra, but different all the same.

Naruto and Tsume looked at each other as both of them are now shocked. “I’ll leave you two alone now and behave now.” Tsunade said as she walks out of the meeting hall.

Jrf Steel After Naruto is attacked by yet another mob, The Third Hokage makes a decision that will turn Naruto into one of the most fearsome shinobi in the world. Not a long chapter just a little something to keep me in your thoughts. On with the show! I do not own Naruto and was in no way, shape or form involved with the process of creating it. The morning Naruto left for his mission “Okay Hana, you’re almost done, one more good push” Tsunade said.

Hana was panting and her face was drenched in sweat but she gave an enthusiastic nod and squeezed the hand that she was holding until she could feel the bones grinding together. She turned her head to look into the wide smiling face of her husband.

As a Tokubetsu Jounin Special Jounin , she was potentially available for proctorship in the exam, and had recently applied for the position since she figured it would give her something to do besides routine missions. Tsume glanced down at the large canine, smirking. Tsume turned down a different hall and made for the stairs in the main foyer. But the higher shot climbed, the more she could make out a series of strange noises.

To her honed ears, it sounded almost like rapid creaks, punctuated by soft gasps and moans? Tsume narrowed her eyes, her pace quickening.

Chapter 3-Howls of Pleasure Inuzuka Tsume was a beautiful woman, who was fierce, andshe was loyal to Konoha. She was dominant, commanding, and everything a Inuzuka Head should be when commanding a clan such as hers with a connection to dogs.

Dragoon Of Darkness Naruto doesn’t know what to do because he has fallen in love and no one to turn to in order to help him. He goes to one person he knows that can help him and hopes that she can help him on this. You just have to read and find out. This story is a gift for a friend of my and this why i’m making it, I will also have two or three stories updated before end of June not courting this story.

This is rating M so people under 18 if you pick to read this don’t blame me. Warning flamers don’t dare flame this story because there maybe things you do not like in it and because i’ll just use your flames to heat up the water for ramen that Naruto will enjoy eating. Naruto is pacing around inside his apartment as he thinks about Tsume Inuzuka,Kiba Inazuka’s mother, why would he be thinking of someone like that?


Flee on Sight. AN: Not a long chapter just a little something to keep me in your thoughts. On with the show! Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and was in no way, shape or form involved with the process of creating it. (The morning Naruto left for his mission) “Okay Hana, you’re almost done, one more good push” Tsunade said.


Kiba vs Kakashi’s Dogs

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